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Virtual & Dedicated

Mix both kinds of server on the same network, we can even move from one to the other without you lifting a finger.

Complete 24/7 support Fully Managed

Do you need a managed hosting platform?

You bring the site, we provide planning advice, lots of servers,
and 24-hour monitoring.

Everything for a 360 degree hosting service Essential Add-ons
  • Free DNS Service
  • Free Watchdog
  • Free IPv6 connectivity
  • Domains from £7.75 / year
  • Anti-spam from £0.50 / month
  • Backup space only £1 per 10GB
Our hosting packages – try our prices for size!

How much hosting do I need?

BigV Virtual Machines
ID Processor Cores Memory Disc space Bandwidth Price* Setup fee
FS11 AMD Opteron 3250 (2.5GHz) 4 4GiB 500GB 2000GB £ 69 £ 0
FS12 AMD Opteron 3250 (2.5GHz) 4 8GiB 1TB 2TB £ 79 £ 0
FS23 AMD Opteron 3380 (2.6GHz) 8 16GiB 2TB 2TB £ 129 £ 0
FS24 AMD Opteron 3380 (2.6GHz) 8 32GiB 1TB, with 240GB SSD 2TB £ 179 £ 0

A dedicated server is a system that's all yours, serving only your sites, and connected to the heart of our fast hosting network. We keep them running for you, replace failed parts and make sure the world can reach them from only £69 per month. If you need high performance you can cluster servers together and use our load balancers.

*Pay annually and get 12 months for the price of 11 plus no setup fee. Prices exclude VAT.

Premium Dedicated
ID Chassis Processor Memory Disc space Bandwidth Price* Setup fee

The storage monster has a generous 12 drive bays and HP hardware RAID meaning you have loads of flexibility to arrange your storage the way you want. And the four core processor with 12GiB RAM means it can serve and process that data very quickly indeed.

*Pay annually and get 12 months for the price of 11. Prices shown exclude VAT.

symbiosis symbiosis symbiosis

Our servers can be supplied with Symbiosis, our hosting platform that does the fiddly server admin for you, so you can concentrate on your important web sites and email.

symbiosis symbiosis

Mon, 29 Sep 2014 15:20:37 +0000

How Bytemark are moving between data centres

Bytemark Hosting finally bought its own building last year. We got the keys in January and had converted the space into a data centre by July. We have previously rented data centre space in Manchester since 2008, and it wasn’t … Continue reading