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Legal complaints

Bytemark will assist as fully as we can in the resolution of any legal complaint. This page is a reference as to how we will deal with certain situations, and the information we will need from a complainant in each. Where possible, we will put the complainant in touch with our customer directly and anonymous to try to resolve a dispute.

Libellous statements

Bytemark do not, and cannot, monitor the content of all our customers' sites. If you wish to have a libellous statement removed from one of our customers' sites, we must have the following information for each libellous statement:

  • the full URL where the content is hosted
  • (where the content at the URL is more than a paragraph long) a quotation of the statement in question;
  • a reason as to why the content is libellous.

Without this information, we will not consider ourselves sufficiently informed of a libellous statement, as we will not track them down on behalf of a third party.

Our remedies for libellous statements will only extend to removal or alteration of the libellous statement in question. We will categorically not entertain demands to:

  • remove an entire page, except where its contents entirely consist of a libellous statement, or statements;
  • block a customer's server or terminate a contract with a customer.

It is also our policy to work with our customers in the first instance, and to give them 72 hours from notification to alter their site(s) on receipt of a complaint about a libellous statement.

Disclosure of data or customers' identities

We will not disclose our customers' data except when ordered by a UK court. In many situations you may want to contact your local police force if you think a crime has been committed. Our customers' privacy is very important to us, and we will not disclose their identity or information under other circumstances.

Unauthorised distribution of copyrighted content

Bytemark are not in a position to judge the merit of claims of unauthorised distribution, nor do we run any technology to monitor for copyright infringement. As a courtesy, we will pass on complaints of copyright infringement, except where such complaints originate from an automated system, which we do not consider reliable.

Phishing, spam, and network abuse

Please contact with a detailed log - either packet dumps, or emails in question including full headers. For denial-of-service attacks please call our main phone number and tell the operator that the problem is urgent, which will page an engineer to investigate 24/7.

Breaches of our AUP

Our acceptable usage policy covers what we consider reasonable use of our services, but our remedies for reported breaches of our AUP are between us and our customer.

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