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Team Profile

We've always tried to create a happy and hard-working environment for our permanent staff, and to maintain a small, focussed team. That way our customers can get the expert attention they expect, and no middle management to get in the way.

Matthew Bloch Co-founder / Managing Director

Matthew Bloch

Matthew is the Managing Director and a co-founder of Bytemark, having implemented many of the first versions of the company's hosting products. He came from a background of software engineering roles on PC virtualisation and Java virtual machine products, and now heads the team improving its many different software systems.

Peter Taphouse Co-founder / Senior Network Engineer

Peter Taphouse

Peter designs Bytemark's extensive core network and server infrastructure, and is a co-founder of the company. His years of experience growing our infrastructure from a single rack to five data centres ensure calm seas and a generously over-provisioned network for Bytemark's customers. After work, Pete is a committed gastronaut, travelling the world for excellent food, occasional pyrotechnician and runner.

Patrick Cherry Software Developer

Patrick Cherry

Patrick is a software developer with an academic background in medical physics. He is responsible for design and maintenance of many of our critical software systems, such as our custom alarms and server monitoring, and a recent overhaul of our customer accounts system. Patrick is a keen cyclist, choral singer and scout leader.

Nick Thomas Software Developer

Nick Thomas

Nick is a graduate from the University of York who has applied his formidable coding talents to improving our rack database, load balancing controls, and IPv6 support. He referees at roller derby, dances a mean salsa, can still do hat tricks, and currently wrangles code for many of our hosting products.

Tim Dobson Community wrangler

Tim Dobson

Tim joined the team in November 2010 and has been blazing a trail through our managed customers, helping with both sales and implementation, so our customers get exactly what they ask for. He's also the company's contact for sponsorship and open source outreach. He cycles, he hikes, and has quite an eye for landscape photography.

Alex Young Software developer

Alex Young

After years of contracting on our internal systems, we talked Alex into moving to York full time in 2011 to work on our brilliant new hosting platform BigV. His experience with Ruby and good taste in software is exactly what we need. He plays the Ukelele, shoots arrows, and is a member of team dog (Bytemark is officially a dog company).

James Lawrie System administrator

James Lawrie

James has worked on web and database systems for years, and from his time at both Netcraft and UKFast knows exactly what our customers want. He has a great mix of programming and system administration experience, and joined us in May 2011 to develop our internal systems and answer our customers' hard questions.

Chris Cottam Data centre engineer

Chris Cottam

Chris Cottam joined us in August 2011 to help run our data centre and fulfil orders. We are very excited about his broad experience in chemical R&D, IT services, computer recycling and roadie-ing. Chris is a keen hill-walker.

James Hannah System administrator

James Hannah

James joined us at the start of 2012 to bring his varied Linux experience to our managed customers. He's a Mancunian with a long experience in radio station engineering, and loves hill-walking.

James Carter Software developer

James Carter

James comes to us from the University of York where he built the Computer Science department's in-house Linux distribution, terminal server and many other crucial parts of their infrastructure. He is a retro-computing enthusiast spotting computers that appear in TV and film and has run an online quiz podcast for the last nine years.

Sandra Kölsch Financial manager

Sandra Kölsch

Sandra Kölsch joined us in 2012 from a wide-ranging commercial background, including aeronautics and financial management at Full Sutton prison, from where she has some excellent torch-under-the-chin camp fire tales. Her fastidiousness is proving crucial to keeping the company's finances in check as Bytemark expands.

Grahame Davies Non-executive director

Grahame Davies

Grahame Davies joined Bytemark in 2012 as its first new director since the company was founded. He brings masses of experience from his founding of Demon Internet back in 1992, years as Group Managing Director of Easynet, and many other business interests including a leading sheet music download site, He is also a long-distance runner.

Paul Rose Systems administrator

Paul Rose

Paul joined us in 2012 straight from the University of Keele, where he graduated with a first-class degree in Computer Science. During his time there he rebuilt the student radio station Kube radio as well as providing technical support for the listening service Keele Nightline. Paul is an excellent addition to our technical support team.

John Hackett Systems administrator

John Hackett

John has joined us from a crucial role at a full-service digital design & marketing firm, meaning he knows exactly how many of our customers will function and their concerns when it comes to hosting. That's why we were really pleased to see him join our technical support team in 2012.

Tom Hill Network engineer

Tom Hill

Tom joins us from Melbourne where he helped grow their self-managed network infrastructure through his keen interest in networking with Cisco, Linux and anything else he can get his hands on. He joined Bytemark in 2013 to help grow our network to incorporate our new data centre in York. He's into real ale.

Nathan Lasseter Support engineer

Nathan Lasseter

Nathan graciously accepted our invitation to join Bytemark full-time in 2013 after graduating from his computer science masters degree at York, during which he spent a year in industry working at Bytemark. Nathan is another avid board and card game player and is involved in York Hack Space, often demonstrating his inventions in the office.

Rajesh Joshi Head of communications

Rajesh Joshi

"Josh", as he's known to most people, joined us in August 2013 to look after our marketing and communications. Formerly of Melbourne, Josh is helping us share our technical reputation with new audiences as well as connecting better with our existing customers. Josh is an avid social cyclist and enjoys reading style guides.

Pete Foster Support engineer

Pete Foster

Pete Foster hails from an IT security background, with knowledge of pen testing and vulnerability research. After a short stint as a Certified Apple professional, he joined Bytemark's support team, looking after our self-managed customers. In his spare time, he likes to repair, collect and play vintage video games and enjoys flying aircraft big and small.

Steve Urmston UX developer

Steve Urmston

After spending several months contracting, Steve joined Bytemark full-time in 2014 with the brief of designing and implementing our user interfaces with a strong focus on usability. He has over a decade of experience in design and front-end development with an MA in Human Computer Interaction from York. Steve is a keen golfer, bedroom DJ and prefers cats.

Ian Chilton Software developer

Ian Chilton

Ian joined Bytemark in March 2014 to boost our development team. He has an "unquenchable" thirst for knowledge of all things technical which he's already put to good use by documenting the BigV API. His interests include DevOps, Ruby and configuration management as well as tinkering with electronics at home, sound engineering for local churches and Formula 1.

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