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Our hosting products
Virtual Machines

Multi-purpose web and mail servers. No arbitrary limits on domains or databases, root access, and upgrade them as soon as you need.

virtual price virtual machines
Dedicated Server

Our dedicated servers start at £69.00 per month, and feature a serial console, power control and RAID1 as standard - SSDs now available.

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Storage Monster

For the best in low-cost online storage, our Storage Monster range can house up to 36TB of data from £240.00 per month

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monster storage
Premium Dedicated

For the ultimate in uptime and reliability, our premium servers start at £224.00 per month and can be expanded to 384GiB of memory.

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Premium dedicated
ExtrasThe Team

You get more than just a server - our free extras give you a robust hosting service.

Managed HostingManaged Hosting

Get on with your business whilst we monitor, analyse and plan the future of your hosting.


Discuss server, system administration and hosting problems on our customer forum.