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How much hosting?
Not sure where to start?

Knowing how much hosting you'll need can be difficult, but with Bytemark you can start small and grow without suffering when you need to upgrade. Here we talk you through the options.

Single server?

Simple, and effective - one server goes further with Bytemark.

single server

24/7 application monitoring and systems management.


When you need to know a server failure won't bring you down.


Single server?

Most of our customers have only one server with us, and they manage it themselves. That's a really safe approach, and one that's a safe bet with Bytemark because:

  • we give you emergency access to your machines so you can reboot and reinstall your server without our help;
  • we provide an urgent support email address to all customers, and respond to it 24 hours a day.
  • if you need more power at a later date, we will move your services to a new piece of hardware while minimising down time, and you won't need to lift a finger.

One server is easy to manage, back up and monitor, and we have some extremely powerful servers even for high traffic sites. So, if that's persuaded you, take a look at our facilities comparison table to see where to start.


If you don't have an 24-hour system administrator, but need to know that your site will stay up regardless of server problems, talk to Bytemark about management. From £115 per month per server, we will:

  • advise you on sensible deployment practice;
  • monitor your application 24/7, and respond to emergencies by putting your site back on its feet, or restoring from backups where appropriate;
  • apply security updates to your systems, and work with your developers to ensure they don't accidentally cause any security problems .
  • ...and much more, see our managed hosting page for more information.


If you want to ensure that even a full server failure can't bring your site down, talk to us about a clustered setup. We can provide a private network, an external firewall and load-balancer services, and help you plan your deployment to make sure you're really making the best use of the technology you're paying for.

Planning a cluster >>

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