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Premium dedicated servers
Premium build for premium uptime

Our premium servers are powerful individual servers which provide screamingly fast performance as well as plenty of internal redundancy against failures.

Premium dedicated price
Premium Dedicated


You can choose between the 4-core Intel Xeon 2609 (£35) or the 8-core Intel Xeon 2660 (£95), and double them up, giving a maximum of 16 cores.


The 10 drive bays can be filled in pairs. A pair of 300GB 10,000RPM SAS drives starts at £27 - we also offer pairs of 1TB discs for £50, or SSDs.


The DL360 has many banks for RAM and can support up to 384GiB in 16GiB
chunks (£21 each).

HP DL360

The base price excludes RAM, CPU and Disks but includes a single power supply, dual (bonded) 100Mb/s ethernet connections and 3TB of monthly bandwidth.

All prices shown are per month and are in addition to the chassis base price of £141 and exclude VAT.

Email or check the pricelist for a full range of options.

Q. What if my server goes wrong?

When we deliver your dedicated server, you get access to the console shell which allows you to both reboot and access the console of your server. This means that even if your firewall is misconfigured, or you're investigating a hardware fault, you can keep control of the server.

Q. What happens if there's a hardware fault?

Bytemark monitor the serial lines of all our servers to look out for disc failures. If we see one, we'll contact you to arrange to bring the server down to change the disc. Because all our servers have two discs, you shouldn't lose any data as a result of such a failure.

That's the most common fault, but if you spot something else, our excellent support people will track it down, even out of hours, and fix it for you. We guarantee to change faulty hardware, once reported, within 4 working hours, or 24 hours.

Q. Can I reimage the server?

Yes you can! If you need to start over, you can use our console shell to reimage your system at any time, without intervention from Bytemark.

Q. Why do the premium servers cost more?

The premium servers are fitted with hardware RAID cards, and can be upgraded to 384GiB RAM, 10 drives, and 2 Xeon CPUs. They also have two connections to our switching network, and can be optionally fitted with a second power supply. Finally their drives can be swapped while the machine is still turned on; normal dedicated servers need powering off for a few minutes to accomplish a drive change.

Operating system choices

You can pick from any of the following OS for your dedicated server:

  • Debian GNU/Linux (7.0)
  • Ubuntu (12.04 LTS)
  • CentOS (6.3 and 5.8)
  • Windows Server 2012 Standard/Datacenter Edition
  • SQL Server + other Microsoft products

Our Windows licensing page should help you work out the right version of Windows for your needs.

“Oh and thank you for alerting us to this problem, we are always in the market for new hosting companies to recommend and the level of support you guys are offering has put you to the top of my pile!”

John Wards
White October

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Premium Dedicated Premium Dedicated

Our premium dedicated servers, built to order by HP, will deliver the highest possible uptime.