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Storage Monster
Got an appetite for data?

Do you need terabytes of online storage coupled with a powerful dedicated server? With 4 cores, 16 gigabytes of RAM and 14 drive bays, the Bytemark storage monster can serve up to 36TB.

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Storage Monster

Technical setup and performance details

There are many ways to set up 12 drives, but we've assumed you want to
use them for safe, flexible online storage. We deliver the server

  • HP Hardware RAID with 512MiB flash-backed write cache
  • RAID-6 to combine all the drives into a single unit
  • A small logical volume for the OS for simple installation
  • The remaining space formatted with LVM (so you can easily partition, and repartition)

We can, of course, set the drives up in other ways but we think this
strike a good balance between a reliably-booting system, safe data, and
high storage capacity

Q. What if my server goes wrong?

When we deliver your dedicated server, you get access to the console shell which allows you to both reboot and access the console of your server. This means that even if your firewall is misconfigured, or you're investigating a hardware fault, you can keep control of the server.

Q. What happens if there's a hardware fault?

Bytemark monitor the serial lines of all our servers to look out for disc failures. If we see one, we'll contact you to arrange to bring the server down to change the disc. Because all our servers have two discs, you shouldn't lose any data as a result of such a failure.

That's the most common fault, but if you spot something else, our excellent support people will track it down, even out of hours, and fix it for you. We guarantee to change faulty hardware, once reported, within 4 working hours, or 24 hours.

Q. Can I reimage the server?

Yes you can! If you need to start over, you can use our console shell to reimage your system at any time, without intervention from Bytemark.

Operating system choices

You can pick from any of the following OS for your dedicated server:

  • Debian GNU/Linux (7.0)
  • Ubuntu (12.04 LTS)
  • CentOS (6.3 and 5.8)
  • Windows Server 2012 Standard/Datacenter Edition
  • SQL Server + other Microsoft products

Our Windows licensing page should help you work out the right version of Windows for your needs.

“Oh and thank you for alerting us to this problem, we are always in the market for new hosting companies to recommend and the level of support you guys are offering has put you to the top of my pile!”

John Wards
White October

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