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Robust Infrastructure

You need to trust your online business operations to a sturdy and conservatively-run IP network, and that's exactly what Peter, our expert network engineer, has built.

Fat pipes, rapid delivery

We are members of RIPE and run our own IP space with full control of our network transit arrangements. Therefore, as well as having multiple full-feed gigabit pipes, we maintain peering arrangements with many leading UK broadband providers such as Virgin/NTL, Zen and TalkTalk. That means your sites and application are delivered as quickly as possible to your customers.

Multiple data centres, higher uptime

Our network spans seven data centres across London and Manchester, meaning that we can route traffic around all kinds of network failures completely transparently. That translates into higher uptime, and less buck-passing if anything goes wrong. We're in control of all our traffic, all the time.

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Our first cage in Manchester - the access side of our network is regimented in its layout.

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What is RIPE?


Réseaux IP Européens (RIPE, French for "European IP Networks") is a forum open to all parties with an interest in the technical development of the Internet. It has authority from ICANN to allocate IP addresses, and among ISPs, only RIPE members can claim to have full control of their network, and the ability to negotiate peering and transit arrangements.

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Our control panel allows you to register and renew your domains, and update payment details.

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Our premium dedicated servers, built to order by HP, will deliver the highest possible uptime.

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You get more than just a server - our free extras give you a robust hosting service.