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Content DNS (DNS hosting) service

“Content DNS” is the DNS service you need to provide, or arrange for someone else to provide, when you wish to host your own internet domain. You can read the difference between content and resolving DNS services on our how DNS works page.

Bytemark provide a content DNS service because domain registrars usually demand at least two separate IP addresses to answer for a particular domain delegation. It is often inconvenient or expensive to set up a second server, so Bytemark provide access to their four content servers for customers to host DNS data, and encourage customers to use and delegate their domains to them.

Using Our Service

Note that if you’re server is running the Symbiosis system, uploading dns data for your domins is taken care of behind the scenes. You do not need to create the DNS account by downloading an archive or manually run an upload script. The Symbiosis documentation has the relevant information and you should follow that instead of the instructions below.

In order to upload your data to our DNS servers for the first time you will need to get a copy of our upload script.

If you have a Bytemark Virtual machine or dedicated host, and you do not have a copy of the script you may obtain it (a thus create an account) by running:

cd /root
wget -O

If you already have an account which you’re using you may download an archive of existing data and an upload script. The correct Username and Password are to be found near the top of the upload script (get in touch with us if you don’t have a copy or a record of those details).

The archive will extract to a directory called BytemarkDNS (winzip or zip on Linux for that), which contains a script called upload and a directory called data. Inside the data directory, you will find a data file which contains some example data – you should copy and adjust some lines from this file to reflect the DNS data you want to host. Although not essential, it’s a good plan to create a separate file inside the data directory for each of your domains.

You can edit the information and when it’s ready, run the upload script to push your changes to our DNS servers; this must be done on your server, as machines outside our network do not have access to the DNS servers.

cd BytemarkDNS

Once you are satisfied you have them setup correctly on your server and the correct data has been uploaded, you can delegate your domains to our name servers:-


Doing that makes the data they hold authorative for the domains.

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