Bytemark is recruiting!

We're looking for patient people who are enthusiastic about technology and have a creative approach toward helping others. We are building a diverse team of people working with open-source software to find solutions to interesting problems.

We've hired people in all ranges of expertise — from those with no formal academic qualifications or those from fields entirely outside of technology, to people with advanced degrees or who have been career sysadmins. Qualities such as methodical thinking and knowledge sharing are just as important to us as education or experience. We strive to make assessments by taking account of all the skills you have to offer.

Who are we?

Bytemark are an 11 year-old internet hosting company, owned by its co-founders. We've designed our own own national network and have a rapidly growing customer base spanning hobbyists to multi-million pound businesses. Our team is diverse and our work is guided by a clear manifesto.

How do we do things here at Bytemark?

Our development team deliver reliable systems in Ruby, Go, and JavaScript, tied together with configuration management (Puppet, Ansible) and version control (Git, Mercurial).

Our systems administrators plan and manage our customers hosting to maximise uptime, solving problems using Debian / Ubuntu, Apache2, MySQL, PHP, DNS, Magento, WordPress and Nginx.

Internally, we communicate via Jabber chats, email and phone calls, with liberal use of Redmine, Etherpad, Request Tracker and webRTC. We tend to use Linux and Mac on desktop, and primarily use Debian on our own servers.

We're open to learning new programs and techniques; we welcome those who have additional skills to add to this set.

Where are we based?

Bytemark hosts its customers' servers over two sites: YO26 in York and Reynolds House in Manchester, both with offices on-site and where most of our staff work.

We're working on improving our remote working practice and most of our systems already support a more distributed workforce. This means there's some flexibility to manage your own working hours and location, in-line with the needs of the team. We want you to be able to do your best work whilst you're "at work".

What's a work week at Bytemark like?

We work 37.5-hour weeks. We discourage working overtime; we prioritise the importance of being able to spend holidays, weekends and evenings however you wish.

The nature of some roles within the company may involve voluntary inclusion in paid, on-call work during off-peak business hours. These schedules are always negotiated among staff with the aim of providing the most fair and enjoyable experience for everyone at work and in their home lives.

All roles involve an element of self-determined flexible working hours. So long as you meet your job requirements, keep the customers happy, and are available between 11-3 pm, we're comfortable for you to find the times that work best for you and the commitments you may have.

What opportunities to learn are there at Bytemark?

We fully support our employees' desires to advance their skills and learning. To this end, we offer and encourage:

  • 5 paid conference attendance days per year
  • Books, software, and equipment necessary to learn new skills related to the work you do
  • Pair programming and cross-team collaborations
  • Community involvement in code schools and local events

What benefits do Bytemark staff members enjoy?

Our employees enjoy all of the following and more (this is not a comprehensive list of benefits):

  • 33 days holiday (25 personal + 8 bank holidays), with an additional day for every full year served to a maximum of 40 days
  • Quality home broadband, and flexibility for working from home
  • Free eye tests and an annual allowance for glasses
  • Casual, comfortable and quiet offices with shower facilities
  • Option of a company bike to get to work
  • Competitive pay
  • Flexible working hours (within reasonable core hours)
  • UK paternity/maternity leave

How would working at Bytemark help me make an impact on the community?

  • You'll help support the free software community. We support Debian, XBMC, OpenStreetMap, LibreOffice.
  • You'll help support a free and open internet. We support the OpenRightsGroup, mySociety, Creative Commons and GnuPG.
  • You'll help support a more environmentally friendly future. We support Freegle and have built one of the most energy efficient data centres in the UK.
  • You'll be able to help people who are making the world a better place — Médecins Sans Frontières, Mountain Rescue UK, The Days Out Blog, Reason Digital and more have systems hosted on our network.
  • You'll have the opportunity to help us build software to help organisations solve their hosting challenges.

How can I find out more?

We encourage you to start a conversation with us about joining Bytemark! Please email matthew+employment@bytemark.co.uk with

  • Your CV or résumé
  • Relevant technical or programming skills you have, and which skills you are interested in acquiring or developing further.
  • Please tell us in one or two sentences about something that you have built or achieved that you are proud of.
  • Please also tell us in one or two sentences about a time you solved a (non-computer) problem with a creative solution.

What can I expect next/after?

We'll be in touch by email - and then we'll arrange a chat on the phone to brief you on our hiring process. From there, we may arrange an in-person visit. (If this requires a trip, we will be happy to pay your travel and accommodation expenses.)

We look forward to hearing from you!