Spread the word

This page is intended for partner sites who wish to spread the word about our services. Hopefully we've made it as easy as possible, but please respect the guidelines we have laid down to avoid accidentally misrepresenting us.

Linking to our site

If you want to make your link to us explicit, point people at www.bytemark.co.uk/r/yournamehere (replacing 'yournamehere' with something unique to you). That way we can more easily identify people coming from your site.

We're always happy for you to use our logo to promote our services if you're hosted with us, we're sponsoring your show, or there's some other obvious involvement between us. Otherwise please ask for permission.

Logo usage

Within the Bytemark's corporate identity guidelines is a section which describes how to use the logo. We suggest reading this section first before using the logo in your website or in print.