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Welcome to Bytemark! We are a UK-based hosting firm and we have been running profitably since 2002. Your hosted services are going to be very happy here. Bytemark sell:

We provide them from our wholly-owned data centre in York. We also have a second data centre in Manchester, allowing you to have self-service & redundant hosting wherever you need it!

If you’re not a customer, you can sign up and start to use our services straight away we’ll give you signup credit so it’s free to try!

Quick start

If you’ve signed up already and want to get started straight away, head to our control panel where you can provision a server within a few minutes.

If you would like to explore further, you may want to read about how our network is structured, or look at our products in-depth from any of the sections on the left. Our most popular product is our Cloud Servers.


If you get stuck while you are using our services, our support and sales teams are available during the week, and for emergencies 24 hours a day. Don’t be shy if you are having problems; we are here to help.

Bytemark Cloud used to be called "BigV"—nothing has changed except the name! We’re hiring! Please visit to find out more.