How to Bytemark

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Signup for an account

Once you’ve installed the Bytemark command-line client, you can signup for a Bytemark account. You get £10 credit straight away! Run this command to get started:

bytemark signup

A form will appear for you to fill in. You’ll be asked for various details, including a valid credit card. If you have any problems signing up for an account, please do get in touch.

Once you’ve signed up successfully, you can set the default username for the command-line client to use. Run these commands, but replace alice with the username you chose:

bytemark config set account alice
bytemark config set user alice

Now that your new Bytemark account is ready for action, it’s time to create your first Cloud Server!

Bytemark Cloud used to be called "BigV"—nothing has changed except the name! We’re hiring! Please visit to find out more.