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Transferring DNS authority

Many of you use our Content DNS to manage DNS records for your domains. Usually each server you have has its own DNS account, and each domain can only be updated from one DNS account.

If at some point you want to manage some of your domains from a different DNS account on another server (eg, if you’ve migrated to a new server), this page describes how to do that!

Am I using your Content DNS system?

If you’re not sure whether the DNS for your domain is hosted with us, browse here and enter your domain (without the www). If it lists our nameservers (eg, then the DNS is hosted with us.

If the DNS for that domain isn’t hosted with us, go to the panel of your domain registrar (eg, or GoDaddy) and amend your DNS records there. The rest of this page isn’t relevant to you for that domain.

How do I manage a domain from another server?

We can move the authority for any of your domains from one server or DNS account to another. Just follow these steps!

Important: If you need the change to be performed at a certain time, please do get in touch with a couple of working days notice and we can perform the change at the time you require (Monday to Friday, 08:30 to 17:30 UK time).

  1. Login to your old server as admin (or root) user using an SSH-client (eg, PuTTY). If using PuTTY, enter the Host Name (eg, and connect. When it prompts you for a user, type admin (or root), press Enter, and type your password.
  2. If you’ve forgotten your server’s password, contact us and we can reset it for you with 5-10 minutes of downtime.
  3. Retrieve the DNS account username and password by running the following two commands. The commands will output some details; note the details down somewhere safe.

    sudo grep RSYNC_USERNAME= /root/BytemarkDNS/upload
    sudo grep RSYNC_PASSWORD= /root/BytemarkDNS/upload
  4. Now do the same process (ie, steps 1-3) but on your new server. Again, note the details down.

  5. If you already have a ticket open with us about this, note down the ticket number. If not, contact us with your request and a list of domains; you’ll get an auto-reply and receive a ticket number.

  6. Once you’ve got the ticket number, browse to our encrypted form. Enter the ticket number and put the details from the commands into your message.

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