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This document answers the following questions:

What happens when I take a backup?

Your server’s root disc is copied and immediately stored alongside your existing disc. It is a full copy of your root disc including your operating system and partitions. This process is instant, with minimal performance impact. It does not use any storage on your existing disc or require your server to be shutdown.

We also schedule the backup to be transferred and stored safely on separate hardware on our Cloud platform. This transfer process is fully automated with no performance impact, and normally takes a few minutes (depending on the size of your disc and the number of other transfers taking place).

What can I do with backups?


You can choose to restore a backup at any time. The restore process will take a recovery backup of your current root disc (kept under Manual backups). Your backup will then be migrated to the standard SSD (SATA) grade hardware and attached to your server directly in place of your previous root disc.

Your server can then boot to the state it was at the time of your backup.

Browse and recover files

This is coming soon. We are developing an appliance that will allow you to browse the filesystem on your backup and select files to be downloaded. This is scheduled to be available later this year.

When can I take backups?

We offer two ways to take backups: scheduled and manual.

Scheduled Backups

Automatic backups can be set to happen on schedules that you configure. You can have up to three schedules for taking backups. Each schedule has a start date/time, an interval time between backups (number of days 1-30), and a limit to how many backups the schedule will keep (limited to three during the beta period) before the oldest backup is replaced with the newest.

A schedule with a start time of Monday at 12:00 am, and interval of seven days, and a limit of four will take a backup every Monday at 12:00 am and always keep the last four weeks of backups, deleting the oldest if there four backups already existing.

Manual Backups

You can backup your root disc at any time. Manual backups will be stored indefinitely until you choose to delete them. There is a limit of three manual backups during the beta period.

Can I backup additional discs on my server?

This is not currently possible via our panel. However, it is possible to take scheduled or manual backups of additional SSD discs via the Command Line Client or the API. Archive grade discs are not currently supported.

How much do backups cost?

Backup pricing is based on storage cost, dependent on the size of your disc and the number of backups you choose to keep. We are providing 25GiB of backup storage free for every Cloud Server, enough to keep one free backup of a 25GiB disc. Additional backup storage is charged at £2 per month for each 100GiB storage block.

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