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The Console

Every server at Bytemark has its own console to help you with maintenance and emergencies. The console provides three main functions essential to remotely manage any server:

  • Remote access to serial port or video.
  • A “power cycle” button.
  • A network boot environment to allow you to:
    • reinstall your OS.
    • rescue broken discs or configuration files.
    • audit your server if it’s compromised.

The console allows you to log into your server exactly as you would when connecting remotely via the network. However, the console doesn’t require your server to have a working network connection.

A typical console connection looks like this:

Serial Console

How to connect to the console

Cloud Servers have a graphical console, accessed through the control panel — press the VNC button under the Servers list.

Dedicated Servers and Legacy Virtual Machines provide their serial output over SSH and are not yet integrated into the control panel. Here’s how to connect to these server consoles.

Bytemark Cloud used to be called "BigV"—nothing has changed except the name! We’re hiring! Please visit to find out more.