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Do you want something to make hosting your websites easy and simple, without having to learn about Linux in detail?

Symbiosis is a Bytemark-developed & supported hosting system designed to make it a snap to get your websites online, and to make hosting websites as stress-free as possible. Symbiosis is based on the stable version of Debian GNU/Linux, with a few light touches here and there to make things more convenient to use.

Symbiosis can help you host:

It also comes with automatic daily backups, a firewall and automatic security updates.

Bytemark actively develop and support the system.

If you’re looking at learning about system administration in detail, then we think that Symbiosis is a great place to start. We’ve tried to embed best practice Systems Administration from the start, using our years of expertise looking after servers.

Getting started

The first step to using Symbiosis is connecting to your server. Once connected, then you can move on to setting up a website or adding a mailbox. Other things you can do with Symbiosis are listed in the left sidebar of this documentation section. However, if you’re ready to delve a bit deeper into technical documentation, then Symbiosis also has a comprehensive reference manual.

Bytemark Cloud used to be called "BigV"—nothing has changed except the name! We’re hiring! Please visit to find out more.