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Symbiosis FAQ

Is there a web interface?

Not yet! All typical day-to-day jobs, such as adding new web sites, or email addresses, or uploading content, can be done using SFTP, i.e. FTP over SSH, by creating files and directories. FileZilla is the recommended program for this.

This should not be viewed as a disadvantage; any confident computer user should be able to manage a Symbiosis system. Effort has been put into making the layout of the various systems as obvious as possible, and making systems just work.

What about command-line access?

Symbiosis has been written by an experienced team of developers and system administrators with the goal of having an easy-to-use hosting system that met their exacting standards.

Unlike other control panel systems, one of the aims of the Symbiosis system is to keep the “magic” as transparent as possible. As far as possible standard tools and techniques have been used to configure the various services on a Symbiosis system. This allows users to tailor these configurations as they need, as well as working through standard distribution updates and upgrades.

Is Symbiosis free software?

Yes! Symbiosis is both Free Software and Open Source software. All the parts Bytemark have written have been released under the GNU General Public Licence, version 2 or later, or the Apache licence, version 2.0. All the source code is available for scrutiny on the Symbiosis project site. There is also a issue tracker to report any problems encountered, or to request improvements.

The documentation is released under the GNU Free Documentation Licence or later. It also has a project site, and issue tracker.

Which versions of software do you use?

Symbiosis is based on Debian 8.0 (codename Jessie), and comes with the following versions of software:

You are currently viewing Symbiosis user documentation. Symbiosis also has a comprehensive technical reference manual.

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