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Setting up a database

The Symbiosis system comes with the MySQL database installed and running. It can be managed by use of the phpMyAdmin program. The following instructions show how to connect to the database on the server

  1. Start your web browser.

  2. Navigate to and enter the authentication details for MySQL. Use the same password you were initially given for your admin user when you created your Cloud Server, but use root as the username.

    Important note: If you’ve changed the admin password, it doesn’t have any effect on the MySQL root password. If you want to change the MySQL password, you can do so from within phpMyAdmin.

  3. Press the OK button to be log in.

  4. From here new databases and database users can be created as needed. phpMyAdmin is further documented on its home page.

You are currently viewing Symbiosis user documentation. Symbiosis also has a comprehensive technical reference manual.

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