Secure, reliable cloud storage with the Storage Monster.

Host up to 36 Terabytes in 14 drive bays with the same flexibility and quality as our HP Premium servers: Big Data without the Big Price.

From £220/mo Order now

Premium-class dedicated servers with up to 36TB in local RAID storage.

  • Expand up to 36 Terabytes of storage in 3TB units
  • HP DL380e hardware for outstanding build quality and up time
  • Up to 8 cores and 192GB of RAM
  • HP Hardware RAID with 512MiB flash-backed write cache
  • We monitor and replaced failed discs as standard
Note: Storage Monsters are built to order. Call us on +44 (0)1904 890890 or email for lead times.

Ideal for Big Data

  • Store and query large datasets
  • Offer public access or lock it down to your private access list
  • Use any combination of database technology —
    we'll help advise on how to set it up

Great for large data archives

  • Keep your backups or archives stored securely
  • Our data centre is monitored 24/7
  • Your server will report any disk faults so we can take proactive action
  • Redundant disk arrays (RAID) help keep your data safe

Technical setup

Each Storage Monster can be configured to your needs. For typical setups we suggest:

  • RAID-6 to combine all the drives into a single unit
  • A small logical volume for the OS for simple installation
  • The remaining space formatted with LVM (so you can easily partition, and repartition)

We can set up the drives up in other ways but we think this strikes a good balance between a reliably-booting system, safe data, and high storage capacity.

...I just wanted to say to thanks to the support chap who just helped me fix the boot problem on my rather critical database VM :) Damn fine service; I'd still be waiting on hold with some of the other companies I have to deal with...

Rachel Willmer,, eBook comparison site

Operating system choices

We aim to provide the most recent, stable version of these OSes. We also include our Symbiosis management layer (on top of Debian) and can provide licenses for other Microsoft products, such as SQL server.

Need something more exotic? We're happy to help: email us to find out more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a managed service?

Yes, we do! Managed hosting from Bytemark lets you focus on what you do best — building your business whilst we build and maintain your hosting.

Our managed hosting takes care of your initial server setup, migration, ongoing monitoring and reliable backups. Learn more about our managed hosting service.

What happens if there's a hardware fault?

Bytemark take care of your server so if there's a hardware fault, we'll act rapidly to resolve it as soon as we're made aware.

If you let Bytemark manage your hosting, we'll monitor the server and contact you to arrange a time to swap any failing components.

If you spot any unexpected hardware faults while managing the server yourself, our excellent support staff will track it down, even out of hours, and fix it for you.

In each case, we guarantee to change faulty hardware, once reported, within 4 hours during working hours, or within 24 hours at other times.

What if my server goes wrong another way?

When we deliver your dedicated server, you get access to the console shell which allows you to both reboot and access the console of your server. This means that even if your firewall is misconfigured, or you're investigating a hardware fault, you can keep control of the server.

Can I reimage the server?

Yes you can! If you need to start over, you can use our console shell to reimage your system at any time, without needing to get in touch with us.