Managed hosting
made simple

We offer simple sales advice, solid system administration practices and 24-hour urgent support, all built on top of reliable servers, our own data centre and national network.

Available for any combination of Cloud Servers and Dedicated Servers.

Included with all managed hosting

24/7 urgent support and monitoring

Help will always be on hand when you need it most.

Up-front pricing

Plan your costs in advance, with no nasty surprises down the road.

Highly secure UK data centres

Your data is protected - we are ISO 27001:2013 certified and compliant with GDPR.

Expert UK-based team

Treat us as a friendly addition to your own expertise.

Monitoring and Support

Let our eagle-eyed team watch out for any bumps in the road and undertake system maintenance, configuration and security updates.

It costs from just £50 per month per server, and you only pay for the support time you actually use (at £25 per 15 minutes).

  • Help migrating services to Bytemark
  • URL monitoring
  • 24/7 urgent response
  • Dedicated email address for support requests
  • Monitored backup space
  • Security updates
  • Firewall management
  • Resource monitoring
  • Rolling hours - any support time you don’t use will carry over indefinitely for the lifetime of your account


Looking for a long term managed solution?
Secure predictable billing and free hours of expert support with our managed plans:

1 year

Includes 1 hour free for initial setup

2 years

Includes 3 hours free for initial setup and ongoing support

Our most popular plan 3 years

Includes 6 hours free for initial setup and ongoing support

Trusted by developers, agencies, startups and businesses.

Rich Sage

Top support from @bytemark with latest project, speedy responses on support queries, and generally all-round helpful bods :-)

Andrew Cope, Evergreen Computing Ltd

Bytemark give us an edge over our competition as we have direct control over our hosting servers, with the ability to configure any aspect without impediment. And their fees are so cost-effective that we can offer real value to our customers too.

Nick Mason, Age of Stupid

Thank you so much for all your help with the server. We handled 6 times our normal traffic with absolutely no slowdown. I really appreciate all the help and advice you guys gave at such short notice and how quickly you got the new server going. Could have been a bit of a disaster without it! I’ll most definitely be recommending you to anyone who’s looking for hosting in the future.

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  • What kind of servers can I ask you to manage?

    We can happily manage Cloud Servers or Dedicated Servers running any current version of Debian, Ubuntu or CentOS.

  • How many system administration hours does the average customer use each year?

    This varies a lot depending on the customer. If you’ve got a small number of simple WordPress websites and just need us to keep them alive, you might use 3 hours or less each year. If you’ve got a more complex server cluster and will often need to lean on us for replication, failover testing and database performance optimization, you might use 16 hours or more a year. Wherever on the spectrum you sit, we can help you plan ahead! Support time is billed at £25 per 15 minutes.

  • How many URLs can I ask you to monitor?

    We run a variety of different checks of server health, both on the server itself and remotely. As part of managing your server, we need to monitor a representative sample of websites running on your server. It’s normally unnecessary to monitor every single website, as if a few are down it’s very likely that the whole server has a problem.

    If you’d like more than 10 URLs monitored, we can happily talk you through what your options are.

  • If I would like to schedule some work for outside business hours, what will it cost?

    Sometimes you might want us to do some maintenance work for you outside of our usual business hours, perhaps to avoid downtime during a busy time of day. We can certainly try to accommodate that! We charge £140/hour for work outside of business hours. We charge £180/hour for work overnight (22:00 to 07:00).

  • Can you help migrate my services from another hosting provider?

    We sure can! We’d start by asking you to provide us some login credentials so that we can assess how much work is required. On a 12-month contract, you get an hour of free system administration time, which is generally enough for us to provision the hardware, configure the server and migrate a few small websites. If it takes longer, we might need to cover that in the quote we give you.

  • If I don’t use the hours on my account, what happens to them?

    Most hosting companies include an hour each month to manage your server, but if you don’t use that hour then it just disappears.

    At Bytemark, system administration hours on your account essentially never expire; they carry every year for the duration of your account with Bytemark. This means you only pay for the support you use.

  • If I need more backup space, what will it cost?

    You receive a free 50GiB of monitored backup space for every server you have managed by Bytemark. If you need more space, every additional 50GiB costs £2/month.

  • What invoicing options are available to me?

    Depending on what works best for you or your business, we can invoice monthly, quarterly or annually. We can include Purchase Order (PO) numbers if you need.