Libellous statements policy

Bytemark do not, and cannot, monitor the content of all our customers’ sites. If you wish to have a libellous statement removed from one of our customers’ sites, we must have the following information for each libellous statement:

  • the full URL where the content is hosted
  • (where the content at the URL is more than a paragraph long) a quotation of the statement in question
  • a reason as to why the content is libellous.

Without this information, we will not consider ourselves sufficiently informed of a libellous statement, as we will not track them down on behalf of a third party.

Our remedies for libellous statements will only extend to removal or alteration of the libellous statement in question. We will categorically not entertain demands to:

  • remove an entire page, except where its contents entirely consist of a libellous statement, or statements
  • block a customer’s server or terminate a contract with a customer.

It is also our policy to work with our customers in the first instance, and to give them 72 hours from notification to alter their site(s) on receipt of a complaint about a libellous statement.

To notify Bytemark of a libellous statement please . Reports not containing the information we require will be rejected.

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