Nominet terms & conditions

Information for Bytemark customers purchasing .uk domains through Bytemark

  • Please note that all .uk domains are purchased subject to Nominet’s terms and conditions.
  • .uk domains are current charged at £10 per 2 years registration.
  • You will receive an email reminding you renew your domain 5 days before it is due to expire. Alternatively you may use our control panel to set your domain to automatically renew, which will happen 30 days before the domain’s expiry date.
  • Renewals can be actioned through our support team or through auto-renewal. Renewals are charged at the same rate as registrations.
  • There are no charges for transferring domain names to a new registrar, you can do this via our control panel. Changing the tag puts the tag outside of Bytemark’s control and ends your domain management contract with us.
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