UK Cloud Hosting that stays up

Fast FAST storage

Our Cloud Hosting uses SSD storage, and you can mix in spinning discs too.

Scale vertically

Scale up your cloud servers as you need: up to 180GB RAM, 16 cores & 16TB of storage.

Run any OS

Use Debian, CentOS, Windows Server 2012, or any modern operating system on CD.

Clear pricing

After your free trial: 1GB RAM, 1 core, 25GB disc space & personal support is £10/mo.

Your first Cloud Server: online in 5 easy minutes

Try our cloud hosting for free

Expert support and billing

We are available for phone and email support during UK business hours (9am-5pm) and 24-hour emergency support for urgent business-critical issues.

We’ve helped thousands of customers learn Linux, keeping their applications and sites up since 2002.

Easily manage your server

You have full control of your cloud hosting infrastructure through our simple control panel, command line or API.

Permanent Infrastructure

You can rely on our fully-owned data centre, directly-managed core network and in-house software stack developed by our team.

You can even request a private LAN between Cloud and Dedicated Servers, just ask our friendly support team.

Features & Pricing

The UK's most flexible cloud hosting

Scale when you need it
Upgrade memory or disc space independently, and whenever you need.
Your choice of OS
Large choice of Linux & Windows images, or install your own from an ISO.
Two UK data centres
Build a resilient online presence with our York & Manchester data centres.
One-to-one phone and email support
Our UK-based team are ready to help you with our platform or your Linux issues.
Permanent IPv4 and IPv6 addresses
Simple, flexible network setup with global addresses for every server.
Root & console access
Never get stuck if your server is broken — get immediate access to the screen.
Base specification cloud server Monthly
1 Core, 1GiB Memory, 25GiB SSD, 1TB Transfer, 1 IPv4 address £10
Additional upgrades pp/each
+1 GiB Memory: (Max 180 GiB) + £10
Cores: (Added based on memory)
  • 1-3GiB Memory = 1 core
  • 4-7GiB = 2 core
  • 8-11GiB = 3 core
  • 60GiB-180GiB = 16 cores
+10 GiB SSD Storage + £2
+100 GiB Archive Storage + £2
+1 TB Transfer + £20
+1 IPv4 Address + £1
Windows Licence (per GiB memory) + £1
Bytemark Cloud used to be called "BigV"—nothing has changed except the name! We’re hiring! Please visit to find out more.