Network Services

Everything you need to run your servers efficiently

You can rely on our suite of network services to support your virtual and physical servers. Bytemark customers get the run of our network without provisioning everything themselves or dealing with complex interfaces.

Multi-site networking

For the ultimate in high availability, Bytemark can install your servers in both its Manchester and York data centres. Please contact our support team to discuss multi-site options.

Private networking

If you need to build close-knit services between many servers, a private network is a must, allowing groups of virtual or physical servers to communicate securely through our fast-switched network.

Our private networking (VLAN) services let you build resilient and secure clusters in one of our data centres from just £20/month.


A firewall is an important line of defence in keeping your servers and applications secure, and costs £10 per month.

Firewalls enforce a policy to and from your network, so your servers don’t need to put up defences individually. This stops configuration mistakes from exposing services and data by accident.


  • Load balance to multiple servers.
  • Replicate between database hosts.
  • Reassign IP addresses to any of your servers (whether Cloud or Dedicated).
  • Use Distributed Replicated Block Device to put data in two places at once.
  • Managed your own “Private cloud” setups using OpenStack or Ganeti.

IPv6 Connectivity

All our servers come with IPv6 addresses configured and ready to use your - v6 address will be active from day one.

Our DNS service supports v6 records as standard, and Bytemark support staff are fluent in IPv6 issues.

Existing customer? Find your IPv6 address.

Domains and DNS

Register a domain name though our control panel and use our three distributed DNS servers keep you up and running.

Small DNS problems can manifest themselves as sporadically slow page loads, so Bytemark’s conservative infrastructure keeps responses fast and consistent.

  • Distributed: Our three DNS servers are spread throughout our network and have served our customers’ records for more than 10 years.
  • Simple: If you use our Symbiosis hosting system, DNS setup is completely automatic — just create the domains on your server and they’ll resolve within minutes.
  • Full control: For those who need more control we use tinydns-data records which you rsync directly to our servers. So, any record type is supported. Full instructions.
  • No limits: You can upload any number of records, for any number of domains, and we don’t measure traffic either.

Domain Registration

You can register domains in just a few clicks using our customer panel.