Data centres

One company across two locations

Bytemark hosts its customers’ servers over two sites: YO26 & Delta House.
Together with our national network, these sites allow us to build highly-available hosting solutions.

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We’ve been building successfully for 17 years and we directly operate our entire infrastructure.

York, UK


YO26 is our fully-owned data centre in York. It has been designed and built completely to our own technical specs and business requirements. We control every single aspect of the service — from the land to the power, network and servers.

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Manchester, UK

Delta House

Our second hosting location is in Manchester, where we have a cage of servers and half of our core network. Delta House is owned by TeleData, a leading provider of data centre services, so we are able to use their capacity to expand quickly where customers require a diverse solution.

Other UK PoPs

We run a 10Gbps national network to keep you online 24/7

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Through careful design and planning, we’ve created a network that is intended to handle much more traffic than we are ever likely to see in normal conditions.

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Secure & Reliable Connections

Our core and data centre networks benefit from 10Gbps of connectivity and are designed to transparently tolerate the failure of any link or piece of equipment.

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We’re always prepared for when your website goes viral on social media sites or you experience heavy website traffic owing to advertising, product launches, and other media events.

"In five years I've had zero unplanned downtime."

Tom Dyson

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