About Us

Helping businesses get the most out of their infrastructure since 2002.

At Bytemark, we are proud of our technical expertise and the clear manifesto that guides us.
We have achieved £3m in customer subscriptions through honest, thoroughly-researched and well-automated solutions for hosting and Kubernetes cluster management.

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The Team

We have built a team of talented staff who are experts in what they do.

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We have been profitable every year since Bytemark was founded in 2002.

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We own our data centre YO26 in York, run a backup site in Manchester and a national network via London. We have invested for resilience.

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Our data centres have multiple layers of access control and we are ISO 27001 Certified.

Which other cloud company can claim all of this?

  • We are UK located and operated

  • We built our own cloud hosting platform

  • We can build a Kubernetes solution that meets your company’s needs
  • We own our data centre

  • We tell you about every outage

  • We quote from list prices so you know what you're paying for

Bytemark: trusted by 1000’s developers, agencies and companies on their cloud-native journey.

"Bytemark give us an edge over our competition as we have direct control over our hosting servers. And, their fees are so cost-effective that we can offer real value to our customers too."

Andrew Cope

Evergreen Computing Ltd

Our Manifesto

Our company has been built on the same core values for the past 17 years. They’re what makes Bytemark... Bytemark.

We build rather than buy

To give the best support to our customers, we need to understand every operational detail of our company. So, we build rather than buy, and learn whenever there’s an opportunity to do so. This gives us a deep knowledge of our platforms and services, making us a stronger, more accountable and expert company. Deep knowledge of our subject makes us a stronger, more accountable and expert company.

We are transparent in pricing and operation

We build quotations from list prices, even for custom built solutions. So, you can see up-front how much the perfect solution for you will cost. There’s no secretive “need to know” approach to pricing here. We’ve also detailed every outage since 2005 to our forum and status site. We don’t hide details of how we operate. 

We unconditionally support open source & free software

Linux and the Free software ecosystem are at the core of Bytemark, we’ve always sponsored conferences and open source projects and we donate to Free software funding drives where we can. That’s why a Kubernetes platform was the perfect fit for us! Working on a cool project using Bytemark products? Tweet us @Bytemark and let us know - we’d love to hear more.

We plan long-term products for long-term customers

It’s important that our customers can rely on our products for decades, not just months and years. We have been in business since 2002, and we have the perspective and products to help you create long-term, lasting setups. We’re here for the long run, providing stable, scalable and reliable cloud computing solutions that just work. So that you can focus on growing your business.

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Corporate Structure

Bytemark: a fair and transparent tech company

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Helping open source projects grow with Bytemark services

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Certifications & Accreditations

Bytemark believe in operating as a security-focused, transparent and ethical company.

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Environmental Statement

Bytemark plans for the long-term, our approach to our environmental impact is no exception.

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