Database & software specialists using their expertise to solve people’s problems.

About Evergreen

With an extensive background in programming, alongside significant experience as a database specialist, Andrew’s business drive directly stems from his passion for sourcing technical solutions to people’s problems.

Evergreen identify existing software landscapes and make suggestions on how to utilise different software solutions and packages available.

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Evergreen was founded in 1999 by Andrew Cope. Since then, the business has built powerful and bespoke online database systems for over 400 clients, subsequently earning a reputation as a company that is both trusted and innovative.

Working in partnership with Bytemark, Evergreen started their journey with a dedicated server. As customer demand has grown, they have upgraded to Bytemark Cloud. This platform has provided the flexibility to turn up the power when their customers need it the most.

To find out more about Evergreen, we caught up with Andrew to find out more about Evergreen and how Bytemark supports them and their clients:

Tell us a bit about Evergreen’s work?

We pride ourselves in offering bespoke software development, as this allows our clients to analyse their processes, workflow and operations. This ensures they have the software, which is tightly aligned with their requirements, which of course minimises the costs for development and also training time for their new staff.

Another exciting element to Evergreen is our software support. We often rescue projects that previous development companies haven’t been able to complete, or that have been left unsupported in certain areas. Our existing systems can help by supporting customers in terms of service response, as well as ongoing updates, maintenance and growth to help them evolve.

One of the areas we are seeing a lot of demand in at the moment involves looking into legacy systems. We use our expertise to assess risks, rewrite upgrades and generally make the software more modern.

What’s your most notable project?

One of our most successful projects involved working with National Lock & Safe who operate out of central office in London alongside thousands of sub-contractors who are based throughout the UK.

To overcome the challenges of a distributed workforce, we worked alongside National Lock & Safe to create a bespoke system that communicates vital information about each job, ensuring that they can co-ordinate and manage their sub-contractors efficiently.

The system, which sits alongside a bespoke mobile application, ensures that communication between all parties is slick and fast, so much so that the company has experienced substantial organic growth over the past five years.

When should an organisation consider getting a tailored solution?

In our experience, bespoke software isn’t for everyone.
However, if a business is not making the most of an off-the-shelf solution, or encountering limitations, there is a very good case for looking at a tailor-made solution.

This can lower costs, as you stop paying for unused features and also helps in reducing inefficiencies, as the software will perform to exact requirements.

Why Bytemark?

Back in 2003, when we were still a small company, I met the very knowledgeable and Linux loving Bytemark founders at a conference in the NEC.

Right from the start, they took a genuine interest in Evergreen and were sympathetic to my needs as a growing business.

Since then, every time we’ve wanted to make a change, the Bytemark team have been flexible, helpful and able to understand our needs to give the right solution for our hosting.


Cloud Servers

- 1GB RAM, 1 core, 25GB disc space & support is £10/mo.

- Upgrade as needed up to 180GB RAM, 16 cores & 16TB of storage.

-Super-fast SSD storage as standard.

-Flexible server management from your own control panel, command line or API.